Union Street Station

Union Street Station was established in 1891. The name and ownership has changed a number of times, but the theme has always remained the same...entertaining. Whether it be the live music on stage or just the energetic atmosphere Union Street Station has to offer, this establishment has been a popular gathering spot for well over a century. We pride ourselves on continuing that tradition by offering a wide range of talented musicians each and every week.

Weekly Entertainment

Sunday - S.I.N. night (service industry night)/Video DJ w/Shawny D

Monday- jukebox

Tuesday - TC Comedy Collective/open mic 

Wednesday - DJ Dance Party

Thursday - Live Music

Friday - Live Music

Saturday - Live Music

Weekly Specials

Sunday - $1.00 off all drinks if you work in the service industry


Tuesday - $2.50 well drinks and shots

Wednesday - GET IT IN THE CAN NIGHT - $2 domestic, $4 craft

Thursday -

Friday - Buckets of Beer starting at $10 (2pm-7pm)

Hours of Operation

Sunday - 12pm-2am

Monday - closed

Tuesday - 2pm-2am

Wednesday - 2pm-2am

Thursday - 2pm-2am

Friday - 2pm-2am

Saturday - 12pm-2am